Get the Complete Guide on How to Understand

and Connect with Your Middle School Child

in order to MOTIVATE them!

My latest book,

The Motivated Middle Schooler

provides insight to every step of the process.

Inside, I'll share how I guide my clients through three stages to help their middle school child achieve success.

I'll also share how 3 families were able to implement these methods to help their family live more harmoniously.

The book also includes self-assessments, reflection questions, and many examples for how parents can keep their relationship with their children strong as they journey through this difficult life stage.

It was developed to help support parents and give them the tools to not "lose" their tweens and teens.

And, if you follow the basic principles of this book,

The Motivated Middle Schooler

can become your introductory guide for beginning to understand, connect with your child, and develop key family systems.

I have tested and proven the method and strategies you’re about to learn with over 1500 parents and over 2000 children.

I’ve never shared many of the coaching methods and examples I have used anywhere else. You’ll only find them in this 71 page eBook,

The Motivated Middle Schooler

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You'll receive the book, The Motivated Middle Schooler, immediately upon purchasing as a downloadable pdf e-book.

Here's a look at what you'll discover when you get

your digital copy of The Motivated Middle Schooler ...
  • How when kids feel connected and heard, then they have a better chance of

    escaping mental health trauma.

  • How to help you begin to see how to work with your child and to help motivate

    them in middle school.

  • Case studies with the hope you might be able to identify with one of them to see

    how they worked as a family and were able to connect, motivate and to not lose

    their child during this adolescent stage.

  • The three problems of motivating middle schoolers.

  • How to understand the six human needs that we all have and that shape our

    behaviors (good and bad),which will help you with all your relationships.

  • Three stages for helping you motivate your middle schooler: 1) to understand them,

    2) communicate with them, and 3) to set up some key family systems.

  • Ways that you can monitor your own growth and what your family’s needs are.

  • There isn’t one cookie cutter formula, even for the same family because each kid

    and child is different and their needs are different.

  • That the parenting formula is iterative. It changes and the things that shape it have

    to do with the conversations we have with our children.

  • And how through answering the reflection questions you'll get so much more...

    as you can see, The Motivated Middle Schooler will give you the beginning tools you

    need to help understand, connect with, develop structures and thus, motivate you



The Motivated Middle Schooler


Hi, I'm Erin Hansen

Certified Coach, Speaker, Educator and Author

After teaching Middle School students for over 25 years and hearing the same complaints from parents, I decided to write this book.

I found that through helping my clients UNDERSTAND, CONNECT, and then DEVELOP KEY FAMILY SYSTEMS - their world with their pre-teen/teenager became more calm.

We are all striving to figure out how we can make this world a better place and fulfill our life's purpose. Honestly, this is my way to try to help as many people as I can... or at least let people know that I am here to help.

I have a calling to fulfill my purpose and perhaps this little book reaches you, someone I may not have ever had the ability to touch if I stayed in my little Southern California circle, or if I stayed just helping the same groups of people.

But.... this isn't about me... it's about YOU and YOUR FAMILY.

There's too much going on in this world for our kids to handle alone and with their peers, as parents, we need to stay connected... so we don't lose them. In the book, I share with you a deeper why, something I desperately intend to help cure.

Just by reading this, I know you are an amazing parent - you are taking the first step in trying to figure out this awkward stage your child is in.

Hopefully from reading this short book, you are given some light and understanding to help you through the challenges.

Hopefully from reading this book, you see that you are not alone.

I wrote this for you... in my own voice (yes, I wanted it to sound like I am talking to you)... so you know I'm here for you. I threw out all the "stuff" I should be writing in this bio and am giving you "me".

I hope it helps. I'm here for you.


This is a must read for:

  • Parents who want to understand why their kid is acting the way they are.

  • Parents who are trying to connect, but failing.

  • Parents who are frustrated and feel like they are losing their kid.

  • Parents who are worried or anxious for their child.

  • Parents of tweens who want to be proactive when their child hits this stage.

  • Parents of middle school aged children who want to make sure they are doing all they can.

  • Parents who may lack the systems or structures to have healthy boundaries the whole family can benefit from.

  • Parents who are tired of yelling, worrying, and having power struggles with their kids.

  • Parents who have tried antiquated ideas for discipline that aren't working with today's challenges.

Yes, I want the book and bonuses!

"This book helped put things in perspective for me. I am able to have more compassion and understanding for what my daughter is going through." - Nancy N.

"Loved the strategies in this book. It's a great value. Thank you." - Erik P.

"I loved the introduction to the six human needs. It made so much sense and has helped me in all my relationships, not just with my kids." - Nicole E.

"Erin is a middle school master. Her book was easy to read, since it's more conversational in style. I heard her voice throughout and have begun to implement key systems for our family, which we didn't have before." - TaraR


Bonus #1:

30 day Challenge to help you connect with your middle schooler, helping parents to unlock the secrets to get more than the one word answers from their children.

Parents who go through this calendar get a renewed sense of connection by the end of the 30 days and report their children are starting to "open up more"

Bonus #2

30 minute Zip coaching call to give you 1-2 personalized strategies to help you understand and connect with your middle school child OR begin to develop key family systems.

Let me share with you my 25 years of experience in just a short call - we will personalize it to you and your family's needs. Upon purchasing, you will be sent a link to schedule a call that fits with your schedule.

Here's what you'll discover when you get your digital


  • Chapter 1 - Intro to how this book can help you and how to use it with your family

  • Chapter 2 - Reality check with case studies to help you learn from 3 other families

  • Chapter 3 - The three problems and how this book will help you solve them

  • Chapter 4 - Understanding the 6 human needs and why it's important

  • Chapter 5 - The three stages to helping to motivate your middle school child

  • Chapter 6 - How to implement all you learned and keep your relationship with your kids going strong